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Protect your home with a clean and efficient chimney



Having a fire in your fireplace is a wonderful way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Lurking inside your chimney, however, could be hidden dangers that can make that beautiful fire into a frightening situation. Regular chimney service is essential for protecting your home from the dangers of fire and smoke, so you can enjoy your fireplace without worrying.


With over 33 years of experience in the chimney industry and being fully-licensed and insured, we are prepared to handle all your chimney maintenance and cleaning needs with skill.

• Sweeping - removes flammable creosote and soot

• Consultation - guidance and advice for your installation, safer burning practices, and proper maintenance

• Waterproofing - detect potential rain and water damage, and protect masonry and metal fireplaces from further damage

System evaluation and condition report - evaluate the integrity of the chimney and determine whether your installation and chimney system are in compliance with current safety standards and local codes

• Full masonry repairs - repair deteriorating or non-compliant chimneys to dependable, code-complying condition

• Firebox repair - replace or rebuild facing brick and firebrick, rebuild hearth areas, and repair or replace rusted metal fireplaces to bring dangerous or unusable fireplaces back up to safety standards and codes

• Chimney cap sales and installations - lifetime WARRANTIED stainless steel chimney caps to protect against rain, leaves, animals, and other debris


• Woodstove maintenance - ensures your woodstove follows local and national building codes and standards

• Glazed creosote removal - mechanical removal of this hazardous type of creosote


• Draft and smoking problems - solutions to ease smoke problems from woodstoves, fireplaces, and oil and gas chimneys

• Animal removal - humane removal of squirrels, birds, and raccoons

• Crown repair - prevent water penetration and damage through the top of your chimney

• Flue relining - avoid the need to completely rebuild a damaged or unlined chimney

• Pointing - replace missing or loose mortar in the joints of chimney bricks

• Factory built fireplaces - repaired or replaced as necessary

• Chase Cover tops or Shrouds - manufactured & installed for factory built fireplaces