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What you should know about your dryer vent

When it comes to a safe, fast, and efficient drying, dryer vent cleaning is essential. This cleaning removes lint buildup and other blockages that prevent adequate exhaust airflow, which is vital for effective drying. Routine cleaning ensures your appliance keeps performing properly.

It is important to realize that the lint filter of your dryer only captures approximately 30% of the lint your dryer produces.  Lint, consisting mostly of small fibers from the clothes and debris, are sent along with the warm, moist air through the exhaust system.  It is possible for a full load of wet clothes to contain as much as one and a half gallons of water.  As the air within the exhaust cools, the moisture condenses and the lint and debris adhere to the walls.  As this builds up, the airflow is decreased.  

This buildup makes your dryer take longer to dry your clothes causing  more wear and tear on the dryer and clothes. Also increased operating costs, both for energy to operate your clothes dryer and increased maintenance costs.  


The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that dryer related home fires are on the increase, responsible in 2012 for over 16,800 dryer fires, causing 30 deaths, 430 injuries and over $97 million dollars in property damage.


Besides running the possible risk of the Dryer Exhaust Vent catching on fire, if your dryer is gas operated, the possibility of Carbon Monoxide is ever present.  The above facts are in no way meant to scare you, but for you to realize the importance and need for this service.


If you think your clothes are taking longer to dry, the top of your dryer is getting hot to the touch, it feels quite warm and stuffy in your laundry area, or lint is appearing all around your laundry area, it may be time to clean it.  


If you have a short dryer exhaust vent that exits right out through the sidewall of the home, you can probably clean it yourself with relative ease.  But if your dryer exhaust vent is long, or runs in the wall, or attic, it isn't as easy and may require special tools and equipment.  


We have the knowledge, training, experience, and special tools designed to do a clean and thorough job, even in the most difficult situations.  We can even remove bird’s nests and other material that may be blocking or restricting the airflow.  We can also repair existing dryer exhaust vents and install new ones.