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Dryer vent

Are you dealing with any of the following issues?

• It is taking longer for your clothing to dry

• The top of the dryer is getting hotter than usual

• There is lint throughout the laundry room

• You are needing 2 or more cycles to dry your clothing


These are some of the most common complaints people have about their dryers.

When these issues arise, it is important to realize that there is nothing wrong with the dryer. The purpose of the dryer is to heat the air that goes into the drum. This air then removes the moisture from the clothing or material and directs it out of the dryer through the exhaust system.


The issue is generally related to a blockage in the airflow. When the airflow is blocked by anything, such as the buildup of lint on the machine's air intake grills or exhaust venting system, or a kink in the transition duct, the dryer can't effectively direct the air and moisture out of the drum. When this occurs, the dryer will continue to run and get very hot, but will not dry the clothes.


Proper exhaust airflow is essential for proper drying.